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Smart Lighting Control – Can You Live Without It?

Perth, WA – 09/10/16 –As the housing market continues to show strong growth, traditional housing norms are being challenged and redefined as buyers are now seeking customized, high-tech homes. A study showedthat 77% of respondents* prefer a home equipped with high-tech solutions – including A/V management, security, climate and smart lighting control. Considering that the wireless lighting control market is projected to be a $4.3 billion business by 2020**, it’s understandable that home automation with smart lightingis taking center stage.

Thieves Increasingly Foiled by Homeowners with Home Automation & Security Systems

Perth, WA – 09/10/2016 –Integratinghome automation systems withtraditional security monitoring systemshas led some homeowners to an epiphany:when their smart home security system is triggered they can react to actionable alerts, capture real-time video, and take control of their family’s safety and security. Contol4, a leader in home automation, offers a wide range of security integration features designed to keep homeowners better connected with their home, apprised of activity whether they are home or away, andcomforted by the control they have in the palm of their hand.