Smart Lighting Control – Can You Live Without It?

Smart Lighting Control – Can You Live Without It?

Perth, WA – 09/10/16 –As the housing market continues to show strong growth, traditional housing norms are being challenged and redefined as buyers are now seeking customized, high-tech homes. A study showedthat 77% of respondents* prefer a home equipped with high-tech solutions – including A/V management, security, climate and smart lighting control. Considering that the wireless lighting control market is projected to be a $4.3 billion business by 2020**, it’s understandable that home automation with smart lightingis taking center stage.

Control4, a leader in home automation,has introduced its next-generation of wireless lighting control that makes smart lighting easier, more elegant and accessible than ever before. With a sleek new look, an expansive slate of features, and support for virtually every type of lighting,the new Control4® Wireless Lightingsolution lets homeowners add sophisticated, automated and personalized control of lights and ceiling fans to any home.

Automated lighting is one of our most popular systems. From simple Home Cinema mood lighting, to a whole home solution. Imagine, a one button “Goodbye” scene activated when leaving the house, for a complete shutdown, or a “Welcome” scene that turns on a lighting path from your front door to the living room after you disarm your alarm system, only after sunset.
Garth Ladzinski – System Designer

Control4 offers homeowners the ability to automatically turn lights on and off based on events – such as the time of day,a door opening or room occupancy – as well as set lighting levels to create a particular mood or manage energy use. More than just lighting control, the Control4 solution is able to integrate with virtually every system in the home including AV equipment and security systems, giving homeowners advanced control that can be fully personalized to their needs and lifestyle.

For example, the simple press of a button on a kitchen keypad can activate a personalized “Cooking” scene, where the under-cabinet lighting illuminates, the recessed can lights dim to 80%, and a favorite “foodie” playlist starts through the kitchen speakers. Similarly, a “Goodnight” scene can shut off all the lights in the house, activate the motion detector and arm the alarm system after everyone is safely tucked into bed. In addition, an “Occupied” lighting scene could be set to mimic normal usage patterns when no one is home to deter thieves. Regardless of the personal design and usage, Control4 lighting control can be integrated with other automation functions to create a seamless experience that can be activated right from a smartphone or tablet, from virtually anywhere.

When we were planning the lighting system for our new home, my wife thought it was quite unnecessary. After using it for a while now, she loves it more than I do. The convenience of one touch lighting scenes, and scheduled external lighting saves us time with our busy lifestyle.
Domenic – Mount Pleasant

With the current shift from traditional incandescent to CFL and LED lighting, the new Control4 Wireless Lighting line is designed to control virtually any type of lightso customers won’t have to worry about incompatibility as lighting standards change in the future.

The Control4 Wireless Lighting family is comprised of nearly a dozen products in a wide range of elegant colors and finishes to fit any design aesthetic, and features fully customizable keypads, backlit personalized engraving and LED status indicators so that customers can tailor their lighting experience to blend perfectly with the décor of their home and with the way they live. Adding further simplicity, all of the innovative wireless lighting solutions can easily be added to an existing home or retrofit project; it’s simply a matter of replacing existing light switches with the new Control4 dimmers and switches. Whether remodeling an existing home or building a new one, Control4 offers home automation systems that can manage and control lighting, shades, thermostats, appliances, security, surveillance, entertainment systems and so much more. Personalized and simplified for any lifestyle, home and budget, the systems are modular so homeowners can start where they want and grow as their smart home needs change.

To find out more about how Control4 can add convenience, elegance, and control to homes new or old, contact Linked Integrationor for more informationvisit

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